Client Spotlight: University Press of Colorado

At Altruic Advisors, we work exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Many CPA firms might have one or two organizations on their client roster, but for us, it’s all about nonprofits. After working with so many amazing people every day, we can’t help but want to share their stories.

The University Press of Colorado is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year! Formed in 1965, this nonprofit publishing organization is supported by a number of educational institutions in Colorado and Utah. Since merging with the Utah State University Press in 2012, the University Press of Colorado has maintained offices in Boulder, CO and Logan, UT, where they publish 40-45 new titles each year. Read on to find out how the University Press of Colorado is changing the world, and what YOU can do to help them create good!


What is the University Press of Colorado’s core mission? How are you trying to “create good” in the world?

Our core mission is to advance and disseminate knowledge globally by publishing significant scholarly works and making them accessible. We create good by helping the body of human knowledge to progress, so that others can take that knowledge and use it to improve the human condition.

When was the University Press of Colorado founded? Where do your authors come from?

We were founded in 1965, and our authors come from all over the world (although the highest number are in North America). We have an influence map on our website that graphically shows where our books and authors are coming from.

What successes and hardships have you encountered in fulfilling your mission?

We'd like to think our biggest hardships--largely financial ones--are in our past, although the business models of publishing are shifting so we always have to pay close attention to the bottom line. Our greatest successes, beyond the many award-winning books that we have published, include building a robust publishing operation in the state of Colorado that experienced solid results and even growth--in output and in staff--during the recent recession years.

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about your organization?

That we are a friendly bunch who make it a point of pride to put our authors front and center and give them the best publishing experience possible.

How can people support the University Press of Colorado?

We happen to be in the middle of a modest campaign to raise $50,000 from individual donors during our 50th anniversary. The easiest way to contribute is to make a donation on our website, where you can become an official Friend of the Press.