Accounting & Audit Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Altruic Advisors is a full-service accounting firm for nonprofit organizations. Our CPAs and accounting professionals use cloud-based software solutions to serve our clients effectively and affordably. We provide outsourced accounting and attest services to organizations of all sizes within the nonprofit sector.

We work exclusively with nonprofit organizations.
Our mission is to help you create good in the world. We do this by reducing your burden of compliance, administration, record-keeping and financial reporting - allowing you to get back to doing what you do best.

Outsource your accounting with virtual CFO services, online bill payment, financial statements and dashboard reports.
*Available Nationwide

Minimize disruptions with our proactive approach, supported by decades of experience and advanced technical knowledge.
*Available in Select Markets

Identify risks and prevent fraud by implementing strong internal financial controls for your staff and volunteers.
*Available Nationwide

Get help with your nonprofit finance questions and find creative ways to improve your unique fiscal environment.
*Available Nationwide


What We Do

We provide remote CFO services, independent audits and reviews, Form 990 preparation, risk assessments, financial consulting and more. Our accounting solutions are flexible, scalable, and secure.

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How We Work

We use proven cloud accounting software and paperless applications to improve efficiency and minimize your expenses. Our accountants use collaborative tools to leverage our combined knowledge of the nonprofit sector. 

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