Spring Into Action


Spring is the time of the year when grass and flowers begin to peek out from under the snow, birds can be heard singing, and the windows are cracked open to let the refreshing spring breeze in. It’s also a great time to review areas of your nonprofit that could use some freshening up. Use the checklist below to help your organization spring into action!

  • Launch an Online Call-To-Action Campaign - Get creative with your organization's online presence. Dust off your website or social media profile to bring donors to your door. Be concise, get emotional and use words that compel visitors to take action. For example, instead of using generic phrases like "Donate now" or "Volunteer now," try something more specific to your organization, like "Help schoolchildren learn business skills - volunteer today!"

  • Review Best Practices - Set up your staff for success in the warmer months ahead. Make sure your organizational polices and practices make sense by asking "how" and "why." Shaking up your daily routine is a great way to infuse motivation among staff and refresh policies that may be out of date.

  • Spring Cleaning - It’s not just for your home! If papers and boxes are taking over your office like weeds, it's time to go through the piles and get organized. Convert your important paper documents to electronic files before shredding or recycling. Think about hosting a "shred-a-thon" - it's a great way to develop relationships in your community, spread your mission and tackle those piles of paper. A clean and organized space will help foster a productive environment for the rest of the year.

  • Recruit Volunteers - Spring is a great time to seek out new volunteers. When the warm days roll around, people of all ages are eager to shake off the cold days of winter and do some good. Your organization might try hosting a fun outdoor event, like an ice cream social or bike parade, to draw in potential volunteers. And don't count out the kids! Parents are always looking for ways to engage their children in the summer months ahead.

  • Refresh Your Bookkeeping - If you've been putting this off through the busy beginning of the year, now is the time to get your bookkeeping organized. Go through your vendor and donor files to make sure everything is up to date. It's also important to review your budget regularly to make sure your organization is on the right track.

Robin Williams once said that spring is nature’s way of saying "Let’s party!" Let the transformation and growth of the new season inspire your nonprofit organization to spring into action!