Show Your Appreciation This Holiday Season

Wooden blocks spelling out the words, “Thank you.”

The holiday season is here, and there’s no better time to reflect on why we enjoy providing accounting services for nonprofit organizations. I am fortunate to have worked with nonprofits for almost ten years, and I have met so many phenomenal people along the way. Before joining Altruic Advisors, I worked with two organizations that provided employment to adults with intellectual disabilities. The mission of these organizations was challenging, yet rewarding. With an opportunity to realize their potential in a true working environment, these individuals had an enormous impact on those who had the pleasure to work by their side.

This time of year was always particularly meaningful. I enjoy the holiday season, and would often go out of my way to make these times as special as possible for the individuals we worked with. We would join together for special events like holiday potluck gatherings, decorating the office Christmas tree together, and a small gift exchange to make sure they knew we appreciated their contributions.

The holidays are a great opportunity for nonprofits to show their thanks and appreciation to staff and volunteers. There are many simple ways to recognize how important each and every person is to the success of the organization. For example, everyone has a favorite food - why not host a holiday-themed potluck, where staff and volunteers can eat and mingle? I bet you will learn something about a fellow teammate that you didn’t know before! You could also plan a staff outing to a local holiday light display, or organize another group activity to bring everyone together.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Make sure you take the time during this busy holiday season to thank your staff, coworkers, and volunteers. Whether it’s sharing a meal, spending time together at an event, or just enjoying a cup of coffee and a chat, it’s important to acknowledge the effort that others make towards fulfilling your organization’s mission.