Secure Communication and Document Storage With CCH Axcess

Communication is hard. Communicating sensitive financial information between staff members based out of different geographic locations is even more difficult, but that’s what we do successfully every day at Altruic Advisors.

When you’re shopping around for nonprofit audit providers or CFO services for nonprofits, security and efficiency are high priorities. Every organization, from tiny nonprofits to multi-million dollar businesses, struggles with secure document storage and communication. Before starting Altruic Advisors, we interviewed a huge array of nonprofits to find out what their concerns were and how we could best solve their financial security issues. We’ve built our organization on those needs.

Cloud computing and accounting technology

To deliver superior service and security, we needed some superior software - that’s why we chose CCH Axcess, a cloud-based platform that allows us to effectively manage everything from audit preparation to document exchanges. Instead of digging through hard copies of documents or sending sensitive information via email, we’re able to provide our clients with a secure, paperless system. Even better, this cloud storage allows our clients 24/7 access to their financial documents - anywhere, any time, with any device. So when you just can’t sleep until you double-check on an invoice or report, simply pull out your phone or laptop and look it up in our CCH Axcess Document Portal.

With several offices in Colorado and Michigan, the streamlined communication features of CCH Axcess makes a world of difference to the Altruic Advisors staff. It allows us to spend less time shuffling papers and more time focusing on the financial well-being of our nonprofit clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about our relationship with CCH Axcess, download this October 2014 case study for further details on how their cloud-based technology affects our day-to-day business practices.