Nonprofit Roundup: June 2015

Not every accountant can claim they love their job, but in our case it's true! We’re proud of the nonprofit organizations we serve, and feel lucky to end every day knowing that in some small way we've helped an organization create good in the world.

Our clients have been busy this month! Click on the links below to learn more about each nonprofit organization and their upcoming events.

Nonprofit Roundup June 2015

Colorado African Organization recently welcomed a new Director of Programs, Derek White, to their Denver office. They also partnered with Project Worthmore (a Denver-based organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of refugees) for the first Burma Peace Feast, to “facilitate the building of friendships across divides and leadership to take the community into a more prosperous future.”

EmBOLDen Alliances has been in the news for their ongoing response to the Nepal earthquake, including long-term community rebuilding efforts. EmBOLDen Alliances is also partnering with Health Access Connect to “assist with budgeting and financials, grantwriting essential ingredients, programmatic M&E frameworks, and GIS mapping.”

The Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council, which is a young nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming lives through sustainable and safe use of traditional plants, released its first financial report this month. We were more than happy to contribute our advice!

North Star Reach held their second annual Under the North Star fundraising event last week, with proceeds going to support the construction of their camp for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. The event was hosted by former University of Michigan football star Jake Long.

The Wild Foundation continues their work in environmental conservation through their Mali Elephant Project. In response to a devastating increase in poaching, the Wild Foundation and their partners in the International Conservation Fund of Canada are appealing for help to train Malian foresters and prevent additional poaching problems.

The University Press of Colorado is celebrating their 50th anniversary by offering 50% off their publications for the rest of the year. The Press publishes around 40 new titles each year, with the goal of “facilitating communication among scholars and providing the peoples of the state and region with a fair assessment of their histories, cultures, and resources.”