Client Spotlight: emBOLDen Alliances

At Altruic Advisors, we work exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Many CPA firms might have one or two organizations on their client roster, but for us, it’s all about nonprofits. After working with so many amazing people every day, we can’t help but want to share their stories.

The dedicated team of emBOLDen Alliances is based in Golden, Colorado, where they forge partnerships with other people, organizations, and institutions around the world to enhance their impact on underserved communities. They will be celebrating their first anniversary this month, on Wednesday, February 25 at their office in Golden. Read on to find out how emBOLDen Alliances is changing the world, and what YOU can do to help them create good!


What is the mission of emBOLDen Alliances? How are you trying to “create good” in the world?

At emBOLDen Alliances, our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable communities through collaborative partnerships that embolden the quality and impact of service.

We have worked across the world, during humanitarian crises through resiliency as well as in international development settings. We bring our unique experience and diverse skill sets to people and organizations working directly with their own communities and acting locally. Our collaborations are tailored to our partner’s needs, and we partner with many different types and sizes of organizations.

Our vision is that organizations, students, and individuals working in Global Health and Humanitarian Assistance can maximize capacity and resources to actualize their communities’ visions.

How was EA founded? Was there a single event or moment that led to the founding of this organization?

EA was founded on years of translating compassion into sustainable and measurable outcomes in a variety of situations and contexts. Across the globe, we have seen how helping local and national staff build capacity and maximize resources has helped communities achieve their goals. Together, we build resiliency, opportunity, and durability.

Our work in Niger with the amazing West African staff of an obstetric fistula hospital was one of the biggest inspirations for EA. We experienced personal and professional growth in the staff from working with them on management, programs, and operational efficiency.

What sort of programs do you provide? Any recent successes or stand-out experiences you’d like to share?

We bring experience that is adapted toward solutions that fit our partner’s context, goals and needs, including:

Creating better programs that measure impact,

Integrating programs through communities,

Running operations and logistics effectively,

Training in formal and informal settings,

Analyzing data and showing results, and

Working across sectors more holistically.

Our January Newsletter highlights our measured impact in both our training in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and in Global Health. The results demonstrated terrific success, and we are using this feedback to improve even further.

How many people currently work at EA? Do you work with volunteers?

Our 7-person team represents a wealth of diversity in skills and experiences, including: Humanitarian Response, Bioethics and Academics, Operations and Logistics, and Website Development and Marketing.

We are also very grateful to our many volunteers for their time and dedication to make day-to-day operations run smoother and specific events more successful.

We believe that we are all stronger through our similarities, as well as our differences.

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve experienced at EA?

We have had many memorable moments in our work. As we reflect on many of these, the vast majority focus on the “Aha” moments we have been able to facilitate and share with local and national staff. Those moments when problems are solved, solutions are implemented as a team, and each individual finds his/her own inspiration and ability to move forward for a greater good.

We have been so fortunate to work with so many talented and bright people in so many countries. These wonderful individuals have taught us, welcomed us, and worked side-by-side with us. We remain grateful and dedicate our work to helping them actualize their communities’ goals.

If you could say one thing to a potential donor, what would you say?

We believe in driving change and maximizing impact in a world with limited resources and funding.

Many of the organizations most rooted in their own communities and voicing the most need for partnership with us, simply cannot afford financial buy-in as their portion of ownership. To help them improve their great work in ways they desire, we need your support.

If you want to make a global impact, or if you believe in elevating the quality and impact of programming and service, donate today and help us build forward.

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