2014: Wow, What A Year!

2014 is almost over. And as we look back at all we’ve done, we can’t help but think - wow, what a year! We’ve had many great moments while working with our nonprofit clients this year. But if we had to pick just one highlight that we experienced in 2014, it would be the Colorado Nonprofit Association’s Fall Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Altruic Advisors accounting staff at Colorado Nonprofit Association Fall Conference 2014 in Denver

Last October, we spent two days in Denver meeting new nonprofit organizations, learning about their missions, and developing customized solutions for their unique financial challenges. It was an honor to be around so many world- and community-changing organizations.

At the conference, we raffled off a round-trip airline ticket - Jason of Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado was the lucky winner of our giveaway. He told us that he plans to use the airfare to attend an upcoming family reunion. ’Tis the season!

Since we had so much fun, we decided to put together a little video of the event. Check it out below or visit our YouTube channel, where we also post video tips for nonprofit organizations. And as always, if you have any questions about managing or reporting your nonprofit's finances, please get in touch here.