Nonprofit CFO Solutions

If the burden of accounting and administration is preventing you from focusing on your mission, our nonprofit CFO services can help. Nonprofits face a number of unique financial challenges and often struggle with limited resources. At the same time, your organization has a responsibility to ensure transparency and accountability to your donors and to the general public.

After years of interviewing staff and board members of nonprofit organizations, Altruic Advisors designed a way to help alleviate this administrative burden. Our CFO services for nonprofits help increase efficiency, reduce risk, and produce timely and accurate financial statements - all for a fraction of the cost of an in-house CPA.

Altruic Advisors’ CFO Solutions is an all-in-one service with an affordable, flat monthly fee. All services are performed remotely by our dedicated team of nonprofit accountants with oversight from experienced CPAs. We can also provide on-site assistance during the transition, or make custom arrangements to meet other financial needs of your organization.

CFO services are available to not-for-profit organizations nationwide. With customized cloud accounting solutions and secure document portals, we can help you create good - no matter where you are.

Bill Pay Management Portal

Through our firm’s partnership with, you can review, approve, and pay bills online with a computer or mobile app. This system allows for proper segregation of accounting duties, and saves you the cost of printing and mailing checks. With electronic payments and a time-stamped digital paper trail, you’ll never miss a due date again.

Financial Statements and Dashboard Reports

Our accountants will issue financial statements to your board of directors, including easy-to-understand dashboard reports. These reports are customized for each individual organization to capture important financial and non-financial metrics. This helps your board make sound decisions based on current data.

Accounting Services

You’ll have real-time access to your accounting records in QuickBooks Online, our preferred cloud accounting platform. Our system will help you keep track of restrictions and endowments. We’ll also manage your payroll records, import data from bank accounts and credit card merchants, and reconcile your accounts to ensure accuracy and prevent fraud.

Cloud Document

Convenient cloud storage eliminates the need to maintain paper documents in your office. Keyword searches and a smart filing tree make it easy to locate files from prior years - such as bank statements, vendor invoices, and credit card receipts. Secure encryption and continuous backups keep your files safe.