Cloud Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations

What is cloud accounting? If you can access your data from anywhere in the world, seamlessly integrate your accounting platform with other online services, update and sync information in real-time over an internet connection - you're already in the cloud.

Unlike desktop accounting software, cloud accounting is adaptable to changes in your organization. Need to keep up with bills while you're on the road? Give read-only access to an audit team or outside consultant? Share information with staff in different time zones? With paperless document storage and remote servers, cloud accounting is safer and more efficient than traditional accounting methods.


With cloud accounting, your financial records are accessible 24/7, from any computer or mobile device. Perfect for nonprofit leaders who spend more time outside the office than in it.


File encryption and multifactor authentication keep your important documents safe in the cloud. Come fire, flood, or hardware failure - the cloud has always got your back.


Low overhead and consistent monthly fees mean more wiggle room in your budget. Cloud accounting is a cost-effective solutions for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.


Our Services

Nonprofit CFO Solutions - Remote accounting services

Our virtual CFO services include financial statement preparation and dashboard reports, online bill approval and ACH payments, enhanced payroll, secure document storage, and more - all with professional CPA oversight.


Nonprofit Fraud Prevention and Risk Assessments

How strong are your internal controls? Smaller nonprofits tend to have proportionally larger losses from fraudulent activities, and they are less likely to recover if fraud occurs. 

Nonprofit Audits, Reviews & Form 990 Preparation

Whether you need an audit, a financial statement review, or preparation of your IRS returns, our proactive approach is designed to minimize the necessary costs of your annual reporting requirements.
*On-Site Service - Select Markets Only


Nonprofit Financial Consulting

Altruic Advisors is one of the few accounting firms in the nation that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Our experts are here to help with any questions or unique financial concerns.